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Published Work

In Progress/Under Review

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Self-Knowledge," The Monist. (forthcoming). Pre-print.

"Caregiving and Role Conflict Distress," Clinical Ethics. (2024). Pre-print.

"Giving the Terminally Ill Access to Euthanasia isn't Discriminatory: A Response to Reed," Journal of Medical Ethics. (2024). Pre-print.

"Survivor Guilt," Philosophical Studies,  180(9) (2023):1-20.

(with Michael Zhao). Pre-print. Published Version.

Book Review of Michael Cholbi's Grief: A Philosophical Guide. Ethics. (2023). Published Version.

"Self-Distrust, Strategic Self-Deception and Oppression" 

The Moral Psychology of Trust, eds. M. Alfano, D. Collins, and I.V. Javonovic. (2023). Pre-print.

"Self-Deception as a Moral Failure"

The Philosophical Quarterly, 72(2) (2022):402-21.

Pre-print. Published Version.

"Caring By Lying"

Bioethics, 35(9) (2021): 877-833.

Pre-print. Published Version.

"We Should Widen Access to Physician-Assisted Death" (with Adam Lerner)

Journal of Moral Philosophy, 19(2) (2021): 139-169.

Pre-print. Published Version.

*I published an op-ed based on this article in the Halifax Chronicle during Canada's debate about expanded medical aid in dying access. You can view it here.

Book Review of Krista K. Thomason's Naked: The Dark Side of Shame

Ethics, 130(2) (2020): 267-271.

Published Version.

*selected by PEA Soup for an Ethics Review Forum discussion

"Does Pediatric Hand Transplantation Undermine a Child's Right to an Open Future?" (with Gennaro Selvaggi and Paolo Sassu)

Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, 55 (2020).

Published Version.

"Knowing Yourself and Being Worth Knowing"

Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 4(2) (2018): 243-261.

Pre-print. Published Version.

"Genetic Information, the Principle of Rescue, and Special Obligations" (with S. Matthew Liao)

Hastings Center Report, 48(3) (2018): 18-19.

Published Version.

"Agent-Regret and the Social Practice of Moral Luck"

Res Philosophica, 94(1) (2017): 95-117.

Published Version.

A paper on the moral badness of humorlessness (under review)

A paper on grief and practical fidelity (with Michael Cholbi)

A paper on epistemic self-respect

A paper on relational obligations as hypothetical imperatives

A paper on Daniel Muñoz's What We Owe to Each Other.

A paper on Taylor Swift, love, novelty and tradition (promised to an edited collection on Taylor Swift)

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