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Jordan MacKenzie

Selected Publications


"Survivor Guilt," Philosophical Studies, forthcoming (with Michael Zhao).


"Self-Deception as a Moral Failure,"The Philosophical Quarterly, 72(2) (2022):402-21. Pre-print. Journal.

"Caring By Lying,"Bioethics, 35(9) (2021): 877-833. Pre-print. Journal.

"Knowing Yourself and Being Worth Knowing,"Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 4(2) (2018): 243-261. Pre-print. Journal.

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Academic Bio

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Tech, as well as the Director of Graduate Studies for our department's incredible MA program. Before coming to VT, I was an Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at the NYU Center for Bioethics. I completed my PhD at UNC Chapel Hill under the supervision of Thomas E. Hill in 2017. In Spring 2023, I was a visiting researcher at the Philosophy and Public Affairs Research Group at the University of Amsterdam.

In August 2024, I will be joining the Corcoran Department of Philosophy at the University of Virginia as an Assistant Professor.


You can find my CV here

I work primarily in normative ethics, feminist philosophy, practical ethics, and moral psychology. At present, I'm interested in ethical issues related to self-knowledge and self-deception, the rational defensibility of seemingly irrational emotions like survivor guilt and agent-regret, and our ethical obligations at the end of life.

In 2022, I received an Excellence in Advising Award and was selected as the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences'  Outstanding Faculty Mentor of the Year.

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