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I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Tech, as well as the Director of Graduate Studies for our department's incredible MA program. Before coming to Virginia Tech, I was an Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at the NYU Center for Bioethics. 


I completed my Ph.D. in Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill. I work primarily in normative ethics, bioethics, feminist philosophy, and moral psychology. My current philosophical research centers on the ethics of belief, especially in connection with self-knowledge and self-deception. I am also interested in 'rationally unjustifiable' emotions like agent-regret and survivor's guilt. Within bioethics, I am interested in ethical issues related to family caregiving and the end of life.

In 2022, I was selected as Outstanding Faculty Mentor for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

My contact information is available at the bottom of this screen. You can find my PhilPeople profile here