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Major Williams Hall

Room 217

Blacksburg, VA



Here, you'll find information about the course I've taught and the theses I've supervised.

Graduate Level Courses

Advanced Introduction to Bioethics (NYU, Fall 2018, Fall 2017)

Topics in Bioethics: Controversies and Politics (NYU, Spring 2018)

Undergraduate Level Courses

Introduction to Medical Ethics (NYU, Fall 2017)

Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (UNC, Summer 2017, Summer 2015)

Advanced Contemporary Ethical Theory (UNC, Spring 2017)

Introduction to Bioethics (UNC, Summer 2016, Summer 2014)

Introduction to Ethics (UNC, Summer 2013)


Doyin Akintobi-Adeyeye (MA Thesis) "Three's Company: The Relationship Between Sports Organizations, Team Physicians, and Athletes" Summer 2018

Kimberly Vargas-Barreto (MA Thesis) "The Morality of Home Birth" Summer 2018

James Kim (MA Thesis) "Designer Babies and Social Bases: Human Enhancement and the Limits of Parental Partiality" Summer 2018

Melissa Fewer (MA Thesis) "Libertarian Paternalism and the Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Urgent Care Setting" Spring 2018

Tori Grant (MA Thesis) "Autonomy for Individuals With Autism" Spring 2018

Edna Bissoon (MA Thesis) "Ethical Concerns within the Informed Consent Process When Conducting Human Subject Research on Vulnerable Populations" Winter 2017